Adobe Ink & Slide

The Adobe Digital Pen and Ruler or Ink and slid as it is known is a digital version of a pen and a ruler. Ink lets you draw or write on the surface of an iPad, while Slide makes it easy to draw straight lines, among other things. No more crayons – Drawing with Ink feels natural …


InDesign Image Swap

Occasionally we have the need to swap an image from one image frame to another. InDesign itself offers only basic support by moving frames or copy/pasting the frame contents. As usual, life can get easier by using scripts. If you want to swap 1 image with another on the same page inside InDesign then click …


Fashion Snoops

For all those designers that love great content, innovative design and technology. Then check out A clear,credible and cohesive picture of what’s next for the womenswear,menswear,kids,youth,accessories, home and beauty markets. To discuss arranging a trial contact Pete Moseley or Jo Green. Tel 0870 977 0775 at W4D

Adobe Muse, what’s that?

You know what you want out of a website. You know what you want it to look like. You know how you want it to behave. You’re an experienced designer. You know Photoshop. You know InDesign. You Know Illustrator, but you know little or nothing about websites or coding. You just want to make a …


Amazing TCX Pantone book!

For those of you wanting the biggest and best Pantone book ever, contact W4D. There are 6 books in total with these handy TCX chips which can easily be taken in and out of the book. Call Pete Moseley or Jo Green on 0870 977 0775 for more info on this or any other Pantone …