Adobe Ink & Slide

The Adobe Digital Pen and Ruler or Ink and slid as it is known is a digital version of a pen and a ruler. Ink lets you draw or write on the surface of an iPad, while Slide makes it easy to draw straight lines, among other things.

No more crayons – Drawing with Ink feels natural because of its fine tip, its multiple levels of pressure sensitivity, and Bluetooth technology that tells the pen exactly where it is on the iPad surface.


Slide is totally new – There are other styluses, but there’s only one digital ruler. Set it on the surface of the iPad, and you can draw perfectly straight lines along its orientation. Press the button and you can also draw perfect arcs, French curves, and shapes like circles and squares.

“Slide is really simple but very powerful,” says Matt Richmond of the interactive studio The Chopping Block. “It projects a line or shape and then becomes a guide that helps you draw it.”


 Check out Adobe’s site for further details of how this can help you while out and about with an iPad.

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