Windows Surface 8 RT

We have a couple of these Windows Surface RT tablets,  having just received a price cut to £279 in the UK for the 32GB Model  and £359 for the 64GB Model – Both have a Micro SD slot for up to 64GB anyway and you can also plug in any USB drive into the standard USB port on the side. It has a 1.4 Ghz Quad Core NVidia Tegra 3 ARM chip and 2 GB Ram , so its no slouch – For full details CLICK HERE if you want to.

We have been using the Tablet for a little while now and can honestly say that its rather impressive. Its not however going to be an iPad beater on the Apps front with only around 100,000 in the app store, but that said their are some decent ones in there. It does come with Office, not Outlook yet but this is coming in September/October with the release of RT 8.1 which has had some good reviews.

The Surface has a big screen, Adobe Flash player built in and for £279 its well worth a look. The best review we can find of the tablet is HERE on Expert Reviews but in our opinion, this is a great little business machine which if Microsoft get right, could be a valuable tool.



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